How to unblock websites.

Some firewalls block websites only by name. There is a way to unblock websites by using IP addresses.
First, try the website. Type in the website url you want to go to and if that doesnt work, try these options.

1. Use the IP address of a website instead of text name. To get the ip address of a website just go to Start > Run (or just pres [Win] + R), type 'cmd' then type ping [desired website name]. Example: ping
Write down the IP address. Example:

2. Open web browser and enter http:// your IP address.

If you are not succeed, try a little more complicated solution...
3. Open up the Microsoft calculator and go into scientific mode.

4. Look at the first number of the ip (216) and on the calculator make sure Dec is checked. Type in 216 then hit Hex. A number should show up D8. Write down the number as 0xd8 on notepad.

5. Repeat it for each number in the ip adress.
Example: would be converted to 0xd8.0xb2.0x26.0x74

6. Go to the your browser and put http:// then the number
Example: to get to it would be http://0xd8.0xb2.0x26.0x74