How to unblock websites at school (school proxies)

Trying to reach your favourite website from school but it's blocked? Luckily there are ways to bypass school firewall and unblock websites. The easiest way to unblock Myspace, Facebook or whatever you want is to use a proxy server.

What do school proxies do?

A proxy server works like gateway between your school computer and the website you want to access to. The proxy server visits website you entered, then download it and transmit content to your computer. By using proxy website you are surfing the web indirectly. School firewall sees like you just browsing one website (proxy) so you stay unblocked.

Tips for using proxies at school

It's best to use new proxy websites. Popular proxy websites get blocked by school firewalls. Proxy lists get blocked too. Often school firewalls block the word proxy in web site addresses so I suggest you to use proxies that don't have word 'proxy' in their names. Other way to unblock websites is by making your own proxy. This is not easy way but it pays off. Just search google for guides. Some other ways to bypass school firewalls are by using Google Translator or Google's cached version of the web site. These tricks don't always help you to unblock Myspace or Facebook but sometimes they're quite useful. To unblock Myspace I suggest you to use regular type web proxies though.

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