Using Google App Engine to run proxy server

Hello everybody. Today I'm gonna tell you how to use Google App as your school proxy server.
Almost a year ago Google had officially announced Google App Engine.
Google App Engine allows you to run your own web applications on Google's servers.
It costs nothing to get started. Free account allowed to use up to 500 MB of server space and enough CPU and bandwidth to serve around 5 million page views a month. You can also use a free domain name on the domain, or use Google Apps from your own domain.
App Engine provides a runtime environment that uses the Python programming language.
I'm not surprised, that some guys had written proxy server scripts to run on Google App Engine. You can find them on the web. Mirrorrr( and Gappproxy(mostly being used in China) are good examples. They are open-source, so you can even download and setup your own proxy server. I doubt your school firewalls block Google App. So I assume this is one more way to unblock websites at school.

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